Highlights and excursion destinations in Bolzano & surroundings

Oberfahrerhof Farm throughout the year

The excitement of spring

The landscape comes to life again, with new needles emerging on the larch trees, and the fields dotted with snowdrops and beautiful alpine flowers. Enjoy all the power of this new beginning, the miracle of nature in her bright new clothes.

You'll hear the roaring sound of streams while you're out on Nordic Walking excursions or mountain bike rides. As you make your way along the trails, you'll be enchanted by the beauties of the spring landscape.

Relax. Enjoy the silence and the stillness. Although the surrounding peaks are still covered in snow, the atmosphere on and around the farm seems full of new energy and vitality.

After a long winter break, nature, animals and people all await the coming of spring. There's a lot of work to be done: mending snow-damaged fences, clearing pastures, removing branches fallen from trees. A new year begins at Oberfahrerhof Farm.

Our springtime suggestion: take the scenic route via Avelengo to the spa town of Merano, and visit the lovely Botanical Gardens and Trauttmansdorff Castle. Where Empress Sissi of Austria once walked, there are now lush gardens with over 100,000 plants, an orchid house, sun-lit terraces, viewpoints, and an aviary with parrots.


Summer in the mountains

Escape from the heat of the cities and enjoy the beauties of nature, with relaxing walks and hikes to mountain huts, but also challenging treks through the high mountains in the Merano 2000 tourist area. You can get to this easily on the bus, which stops at the Schermoos car park, just a few minutes from our farm. The sight of the lovely alpine lakes and colourful mountain flowers fills one with happiness. And why not try some novel ways of going up to the mountain huts and other interesting places, such as mountain biking - or better still - on the back of a horse?

Summer haymaking on the farm is a great challenge for the family. On the steep slopes, everything is still often done by hand... and the weather is a further imponderable.

Our summertime suggestion: a day trip ... take the hikers' bus up to Merano 2000 and return on foot to the farm - breathtaking scenic views are included at every turn! (5-6 hours of walking on well-maintained paths)

The quiet of autumn

The valleys are covered by a sea of clouds and the sun, although still pleasantly warm, is now low on the horizon, heralding the arrival of golden autumn in South Tyrol. This is the time the cattle return from the summer pastures, and when the landscape is clothed in fantastic colours.

The crisp air is ideal for seeing far, far into the distance. The golden needles of the larch trees cover the paths and meadows in a soft carpet.

The mountain hut restaurants and inns offer tasty delights for the festival of wine-pressing: the "Törggele". Tyrolean soups, dumplings, speck, but above all roasted chestnuts and new wine, are the main specialities on offer.

Enjoy the calm that now reigns supreme in the high pastures, and the evocative images of autumn in the mountains.

Our autumn suggestion: a seasonal walk … from San Genesio to Bolzano. Pass the ruins of Rafenstein Castle, and continue through woods of fir, chestnut and broad-leaved trees until you reach the vineyards around Bolzano. Return to San Genesio by cable car.

Magical winter

Enjoy the quiet feeling of nature preparing for a winter rest, the harmony of life on the farm, and the soothing atmosphere of calm: a panacea for both body and spirit. Oberfahrerhof Farm is the perfect place for a relaxing winter holiday ... but also to enjoy being active. Life on the farm never stops even in the winter.

The crisp air and crunching snow underfoot tempt you out on long hikes through the snowy landscape. We'll lend you snowshoes for free, and you can explore some of the hidden corners of the plateau, far away from the busiest ski areas. And we'll be happy to accompany you, if you wish.

An unforgettable part of any winter stay is a delightful ride on a sleigh, pulled by our Haflinger horses. Wrapped in soft blankets, you'll glide through the snowy landscape, enjoying the wonderful views all around.

Our winter suggestion: during Advent, you really should visit the charming Christmas markets at Bolzano and Merano. They're an absolute must! Another typical alpine event is the advent market in the nearby Val Sarentino, with the sale of local handicrafts and all the scents of Christmas. The atmosphere is even more evocative if you visit in the evening.

Winter landscape

The provincial capital Bolzano is worth a visit at any time of year, with its interesting shops under the arcades, its important historical sights and many cultural events. The archaeological museum attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, mainly to see Ötzi, the famous mummified "Iceman", dating back to the Copper Age.

For shopping closer to hand, you can visit the main villages on the Salto plateau, San Genesio and Meltina, about 4 km from our farm.