Your holiday farm in San Genesio / Jenesien near Bolzano

A heartfelt welcome!

A sunny, peaceful oasis, surrounded by beautiful meadows and larch woods. Our family farm is at a height of 1,528 metres, on the San Genesio plateau between Bolzano and Merano. We're committed to traditional, sustainable agriculture, with complete respect for the natural environment. Genuine and authentic: that's the Oberfahrerhof.

Riding stable Oberfahrer

What sets the Oberfahrerhof apart ...

  • a real mountain farm
  • genuine, warm hospitality
  • a peaceful setting, in the name of sustainable tourism
  • hikes and horseback rides, straight from the farm
  • amazing scenic views from the sunny San Genesio plateau

Your hosts

Come in and take a seat! We're Sebastian and Sonja, owners of Oberfahrerhof Farm, and we're so pleased to welcome you to our home. Our whole family shares a love of farming, nature, the mountains, outdoor activities and, last but not least, horses.

Three of our six children are almost always here at the farm. Eva takes care of the horses and everything to do with the stables; Laurin is committed to work on the farm; Jakob lends a hand in his spare time, and our three oldest children are working or studying elsewhere.

We'll be happy to share our love of this place with you!
Zöggeler family

Life at the Oberfahrerhof

Life on the farm, with all its animals, the many leisure activities available in this area, and the extraordinary landscape of Montezoccolo, mean that families and all our guests will always enjoy an exciting and varied farm holiday.

Life on our farm involves a lot of work, and close contact with the natural world and with animals. Horses - in our case the Haflinger breed - have been central to farm life for many generations, initially as working animals but now as leisure-time companions. Haflinger horses are part of the living heritage of South Tyrol.

We run our farm in the traditional way, raising Grey Alpine cattle, producing milk, and tending our horses and other small animals. It is an essential part of our work to manage the meadows and woods in the most natural way possible. There is nowhere one can be closer to nature and to the source of a simple, healthy diet.