Riding stable in San Genesio - South Tyrol

Our country's happiness ...

... can be found on the back of a horse. We think there's a lot of truth in this. More precisely, happiness can be found on the back of our Haflinger horses, a particularly mild-tempered breed that is very safe to ride. Haflingers have a long tradition on the farm: in the past they were used as pack animals and for transport. Nowadays, they are bred as family pets and for leisure purposes. This breed has maintained its good character, docile temperament and hardiness over the course of time. Almost all our horses were born and raised on our farm, and we break them in ourselves and get them used to being ridden. For this reason, we have a very special emotional bond with our horses.

Get ready to mount our horses and ride out into the meadows, the woods and the mountain pastures. Horseback riding is also possible in winter, because our horses are shod with special winter shoes, and so can even trot comfortably through snow.

We offer a wide range of options for beginners and experts: from riding lessons on the farm, to care of Haflinger horses, to guided horse rides.

A riding holiday at Oberfahrerhof Farm
in San Genesio (South Tyrol) includes the following …

  • … guided pony rides for young horse lovers
  • … riding lessons for beginners and advanced riders
  • … full-day guided tours on horseback
  • … carriage rides with splendid views of the mountains of South Tyrol
  • … romantic sleigh rides through the snow in winter

Riding holidays for adults

Riding holidays for adults, with breakfast and snack and long trips out on horseback (from May to September).

  • Horseback rides lasting several hours, with a rest stop at a mountain hut
  • Full-day and half-day excursions on horseback, with stunning views of the mountain landscape of South Tyrol
  • Guests will be accompanied by farmer and host Sebastian, who is a certified cross-country rider
  • These activities are designed for adults only, so it will not be possible to bring children

Details and prices available upon request.

Horse riding holidays for children aged 10 and over

The children learn how to clean, feed, groom and saddle a horse, to take their first ride and look after their particular horse. The climax of the week is a full day out on horseback with lunch at the mountain hut.

Meals and drinks at the farm are included in the price. Overnight stay in shared room with shower and toilet. The riding lessons, instruction in horse care, one-day excursion, final games and barbecue are all included in the price.

Every day from Monday to Friday, from about 9:00 a.m. to about 5:00 p.m.
280 €

Date 2022: 11.07. - 16.07.2022
                   18.07. - 22.07.2022
                   25.07. - 29.07.2022


  • 1/2 hour 14 €
  • 1 hour 20 € / 1-hour lesson 22 €
  • 2 hours 32 €
  • 1/2 day 55 €
  • Full day 85 €
  • 1-hour carriage ride 60 €

Additional info

  • We also offer horse riding for adults during the low season (May and September).